Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Field's Chimney to Broadway

On Saturday November 2nd, Gordon and I got a really early start headed for the Long's Cirque and Field's Chimney.  We were passed by a couple guys headed of course to Field's Chimney as well.  With no reason to rush now that we were 2nd in line, we took an easy pace that put me at the base 3:45 after leaving the Long's Trail Head.

Donning extra clothing for the exposed hike out of the trees

After waiting until the 1st party was well above the 1st pitch, Gordon started up the chimney.  The leading party kept the ice fall to a minimum.  I quickly followed the pitch and started leading up the 2nd.

The guys above were nice enough to catch this shot of the WI4 section

Gordon following P2
The lead party rapped from just above the ice of P3 and we continued on.

Gordon setting up for the crux move
The final stem and hook before pulling over
I following the tricky roof and continued up the next 300' of varied terrain.  Quite an interesting pitch with easy to funky M5 rock, ice pockets and frozen turf.  We simuled the last 100'.

Gordon arrives on Broadway
Looking over to the Window and the new route Window Pain
Gordon traversing to the Broadway Raps
Gordon starts the 1st of 3 raps to the upper snow field
A long hike out in the dark made for a full day of adventure!

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